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Searching for laptop repair near me? We have 5+ years of experience in computer service industry. Hence, we understand customer need better and make sure you get instant support when you are in need. We've experience in chip-level motherboard repairing, Computer diagnosis, Desktop PC service and Laptop repair.

Laptop Keyboard Repair and Replacement: Repair and replacement of laptop keyboards is often necessary due to wear and tear or accidental damage. Commonly, broken keys, malfunctioning keys, or keys that are unresponsive can all be fixed or replaced with a new keyboard. Professional technicians can quickly assess the issue and provide a reliable solution.

Laptop Cleaning Service: Professional laptop cleaning services are essential for maintaining the performance of your computer. Dust and dirt build-up can cause your laptop to overheat and lead to hardware damage. Regular cleaning by a professional can help improve the cooling system and extend the life of your laptop.

Chip Level Motherboard Repair Service: Motherboard repair is a challenging task that requires advanced skills and specialized equipment. Professional technicians are able to diagnose and repair any issues with your laptop’s motherboard. By using chip-level repair techniques, they can identify the source of a problem and provide the best possible solution.

Laptop Fabrication Work: Professional laptop fabrication work is required to ensure that your laptop is up to the highest standard. It involves replacing damaged components, such as circuit boards, chips, and connectors, as well as troubleshooting electrical problems and installing new hardware.

Broken Body Repair: Broken laptop body repair is a complex process that involves replacing broken parts, such as the screen, LCD, and hinges. Professional technicians can assess the damage and provide a solution that will restore the structural integrity of your laptop.

Laptop Hinge Repair: Laptop hinge repair is necessary when the hinges break or become loose. Professional technicians can diagnose the problem and provide a reliable solution. This may include replacing the broken parts or applying special adhesive to secure the hinges in place.

Battery Replacement: Battery replacement is necessary when the battery no longer holds a charge or is showing signs of wear and tear. Professional technicians can quickly identify the issue and replace the battery with a new one. This will restore the laptop’s power capacity and ensure that it works as intended.

RAM Replacement Upgrade: Upgrading your RAM (Random Access Memory) can significantly improve the speed and performance of your computer. Replacing your RAM or upgrading it to a higher capacity is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to give your computer a performance boost. It is recommended to use RAM that is compatible with your computer's make and model, and to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation.

Top Panel, Base / Bottom Fix: If you need to repair or replace the top panel or base/bottom of your computer, you will need to open the computer case and remove the screws that hold the panels in place. You may also need to unscrew any cables connected to the panel or base/bottom, and disconnect any other components connected to the panel or base. Make sure to remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated in the area before replacing the panel or base.

SSD (Solid State Drive) Installation: Installing a new Solid State Drive (SSD) in your computer can significantly increase performance as compared to an old Hard Disk Drive. First, make sure you have a compatible SSD that is compatible with your computer. Then, you will need to open the computer case and disconnect the old hard drive. Next, you will need to connect the new SSD to the motherboard, and then connect the power and data cables. Finally, you will need to install the operating system and software on the SSD.

Install Hard drive, Repair & Replacement: Installing a new hard drive is a relatively simple process, but it requires some technical knowledge. First, make sure you purchase a compatible hard drive for your computer. Then, you will need to open the computer case and connect the hard drive to the motherboard. After that, you will need to connect the power and data cables. Finally, you will need to install the operating system and software on the hard drive. Repair and replacement of hard drives can be more complicated and should be done by a professional.

Fan Noise Cleanup Replacement: Fans are an important component in keeping your computer cool, but sometimes they can become noisy, making them a nuisance. If your fan is making too much noise, it may be time to replace it. First, make sure you purchase a compatible fan for your computer. Then, you will need to open the computer case and unscrew the old fan. After that, you will need to connect the new fan to the motherboard, and then connect the power and data cables. Finally, you will need to install the new fan, making sure to avoid any dust or dirt that may have accumulated in the area.

Laptop overheating can be a serious problem and can lead to system shut downs, crashes and even hardware damage. To prevent overheating and keep your laptop running smoothly, proper maintenance and cooling solutions must be implemented. Cleaning dust from the laptop fan and vents, raising the laptop off the surface it's sitting on and using a laptop cooling pad are all simple solutions that can help reduce the internal temperature of your laptop. Additionally, making sure that all software is up-to-date can help keep laptop performance high, while reducing the risk of overheating. If your laptop is still overheating, it may be time to take it in for servicing.

Known Issues Rectified Instantly

  • Laptop Hinge Repair
  • Diagnostics of Laptop/PC
  • Fan Noise Cleanup Replacement
  • Hang Issue / Overheating Issue
  • Battery Replacement
  • USB Port Repair
  • Water Damaged Laptop/PC
  • LAN Port & Networking
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Broken Body Repair
  • Keyboard Repair / Replacement
  • Wireless connection setup
  • Slow Internet / WiFi Not Connecting
  • No Sound Problem
  • Laptop Fabrication Work
  • Chip level Motherboard repair Service
  • Booting Problems
  • Blue Dump Screen Error (BSOD)
  • Power Supply / SMPS Issue
  • RAM Replacement Upgrade
  • Laptop Panel Repair / Replacement
  • System Optimization
  • Part Repair / Replacement
  • CPU Fan Replacement
  • Top Panel, Base / Bottom Fix
  • Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal Service
  • Install Hard drive, Repair & Replacement
  • Slow Performance Issue
  • Drivers Installation
  • Laptop Trackpad / Touchpad
  • Beep sound Issue
  • Laptop Cleaning Service
  • Fix Corrupted OS Installation (Licence Mandatory)
  • Auto Shutdown Fix
  • Overheating Fix
  • SSD (Solid State Drive) Installation